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How Trees Can Help You Save Energy

Planting trees is good for the environment and your home’s energy usage, too. Strategic placement of deciduous trees around your home will save energy by blocking the sun's rays to avoid overheating. When these trees lose their leaves in the winter, they’ll allow the sun to help warm your home all day long. Combine this idea with additional tips and energy efficient heating and air and options from Frigidaire to reduce annual energy costs. Call us for more information today.

Green Tip on New Construction Chimney Placement

If you’re building a new home, here’s a green design tip to consider: More traditional chimneys, constructed along the outside of a house, will lose valuable heat to the cold outside air. And that means more energy waste. Think about placing chimneys on the inside instead. It’s unconventional, but could save you on heating costs. Frigidaire can recommend other energy saving tips, as well as energy efficient heating units and air conditioners for your new home construction. Give us a call today.

The Importance of Airing Out Your House All Year Round

You’re making your home more energy efficient, but what about indoor air quality? The more airtight your home, the harder it is for harmful elements to escape outside. We recommend that you “air out” your home about once a week. In the winter, turn off your heating system and open a few windows while you make a run to the grocery store or take a walk around the neighborhood. In the summer, open windows at night and keep them closed during the heat of the day. We can recommend additional Frigidaire products and practices to improve the air quality of your home. Call us for a consultation today.