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Tips on Cost Effective Window Treatments

Draw the curtains on heat loss through windows this winter. Insulated drapes can cut energy waste in this area in half. You can also use window quilts or shutters to keep more warm air in. Use this idea along with other tips from Frigidaire to keep heat hour home efficiently. We’re here to help you save on energy bills, so give us a call.

Things to Know Before You Insulate

Thinking about insulating to enhance your home heating and air conditioner efficiency? Do your research first. Different levels of insulation are cost-effective for different climates and locations in the home, so it pays to know your options. Frigidaire can help you decide what type of insulation is right for you, and can suggest energy efficient equipment as well. Call for a consultation today.

Green Tip on New Construction Chimney Placement

If you’re building a new home, here’s a green design tip to consider: More traditional chimneys, constructed along the outside of a house, will lose valuable heat to the cold outside air. And that means more energy waste. Think about placing chimneys on the inside instead. It’s unconventional, but could save you on heating costs. Frigidaire can recommend other energy saving tips, as well as energy efficient heating units and air conditioners for your new home construction. Give us a call today.